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Potential Cityscape commercial real estate (CRE) investment event visitors, exhibitors, and sponsors including institutional and private investors and developers may find this selective custom search tool to be helpful when preparing for Cityscape events worldwide, as listed at right.
This tool (above - not the one in the header) is for research related to capital investment project plans and services for global commercial real estate development projects in both emerging and more mature markets, typically in major cities. Cityscape conferences are about international property investment and development.

Our own website content is included in the scope of the searches to offer more information about specific business locations, services, and issues of common interest to commercial real estate investors, developers, city planners, architects, engineers, and corporate executives.

Website list below (scope of the search).

Background about Cityscape USA

Exhibit at Cityscape events - about promoting specific capital investment projects, communities, and services for commercial real estate development investments (office, industrial, logistics, resort, hotel, retail, apartments, etc.).

Further explanation of this search tool

Contact us to through this website.

The search results will appear below. Refer also to search tips.

This is a selective search tool. It differs in scope from the custom site Search tool at the top of all pages of this website by searching a specific list of other related websites.

Global directories of economic development agencies and professional service providers

for the development of commercial real estate projects are at

McCallum Sweeney Consulting

Site Selection

Ed McCallum

Mark Sweeney

Exhibitors at Cityscape events worldwide include: (see Cityscape USA examples)


Property developers (residential, office, commercial, hotel & leisure, retail, industrial)


Cities and regional investment promotion, state economic development agencies, special zones


Property financiers (investors, financial institutions, financial consultants, fund management)


Property owners and development consultants


Architects, engineers, designers, project management companies, and major contractors


Urban planners and economic development consultants

The interests of visitors to Cityscape events include:


Direct investment opportunities or joint ventures


Recent market trends in cities, regions, and global investment flows


Development financing and financial structuring


Consulting services


Architectural design, spatial design, landscape architecture, project management, contractors


Energy management, architectural lighting, integrated building systems, IT solutions

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Cityscape USA images with links to some of the exhibitors

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CRE Service Providers

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architects, engineers, etc.

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Cityscape events

Cityscape USA

New York City, NY

November 17-19, 2009

Background information

Cityscape Dubai

October 5-8, 2009

The largest Cityscape event.

2008 Event Preview Magazine

Cityscape Latin America

November 4-6, 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cityscape India

December 9-11. 2009

Mumbai (Bombay)

Cityscape Asia

May 19-21, 2009


Cityscape Abu Dhabi

April 19-22, 2009

Cityscape China

July 14-16, 2009


Retail City

April 19-22, 2009

Abu Dhabi, UAE

New events for 2009

Cityscape Russia

June 2-4, 2009


Cityscape Saudi Arabia

no details yet

Explanation of this custom search tool

This tool makes it easy to search across a specific community of related websites instead of repeatedly searching each such website individually.

This eliminates myriad search results from websites unrelated to this topic.

For example, this page serves institutional and private commercial real estate (CRE) investors, developers, and service providers such as architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) specialists who may be seeking information about Cityscape exhibitors, sponsors, or visitors according to their own CRE investment project interests at the time. The content which we openly share in this niche market about potential business locations and professional services complements that which is shared through the Cityscape websites about their participants.

Search Tips

Since this search tool covers multiple websites, as listed below, it may be helpful to narrow a search with an exact phrase by including these keywords in quotes as shown:

bullet "exhibitor" should quickly find lists of past or future exhibitors at any of the Cityscape events.
bullet A search for a specific exhibitor or sponsor of interest should readily find any available content about them.
bullet A search for a specific type of property, such as resort hotel or luxury apartment, residences, office building, industrial, or retail space should find a variety of projects worldwide.
bullet A search for "capital", "fund", "equity" or other related keywords may help to identify institutional CRE investors quickly among the many exhibitors or sponsors which are promoting specific projects.

See also: Google search tips for more complex search options.

List of websites searched by the above

Global Direct Investment Solutions

On The Short List

Short List News

Cityscape Dubai

Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Retail City - Dubai

Cityscape Saudi Arabia

no information yet

Cityscape Asia - Singapore

Cityscape China - Shanghai

Cityscape Mumbai, India

Cityscape Korea

no information yet

Cityscape USA - New York City

Cityscape Latin America - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cityscape Russia

Please inform us if any are obsolete, since organizations in this market often change their domains without notice.
Contact us with suggestions for other than those listed above.

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