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This page will very selectively highlight news gathered through contributors or research work across geographic regions, professional specialties, and industry sectors related to this niche market of business location decisions for capital investment projects (new offices, factories, distribution, etc.). We welcome suggestions from potential contributors of content.  Please refer to the Add News page for basic news guidelines.

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Featured Links

September 21, 2007 - MarketWatch - Minnesota Nice - by Russ Britt .  The Minneapolis-St. Paul area was top ranked in a rating of US cities because of the existing base of companies and despite some criticism of the corporate and personal tax levels in the state.  San Francisco and New York also had high rankings.

MarketWatch, like many other business media which publish various ranking stories, isn't generally involved in advising companies about future location decisions.

July 27, 2007 - AP - Economic Growth Is Strongest in a Year - by Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer.  In an article about the latest GDP report from the US Department of Commerce (3.4% growth in the second quarter), the writer observed that businesses "boosted their spending on new plants, buildings and other commercial construction at a whopping 22.1 percent rate, the most in 13 years."  Meanwhile, US unemployment remains fairly low at 4.5%.

Press Release - Bureau of Economic Analysis - GDP for second quarter 2007

Other data:

May 11, 2007 - USA Today - Economy's 'Open' for Business
By David J. Lynch, St. Louis

"New rules for world trade"
(quoted from article about the new US "Open Economies" policy)

"Traditionally, the U.S. government did little to solicit foreign investment, instead banking on its inherent appeal as the world's largest market. That approach worked when half the globe was economically isolated because of communist rule in the Eastern Bloc and China or policy choices in places such as India.

In a global economy, where capital can seek out opportunities worldwide, the U.S. needs to be more aggressive. In March, the Commerce Department said it would begin trying actively to attract more foreign investment through its commercial attachés in U.S. embassies abroad and by working with state and local economic development agencies here.

The Commerce Department initiative - dubbed Invest in America - comes as the pool of foreign capital potentially at stake is set to grow. Asian central banks that have been investing their enormous stockpiles of foreign exchange in low-yielding government securities are creating investment funds that will steer some of that cash into investments offering higher returns. Some could wind up in equity investments."


News for the topic of this page is summarized in this column with links to relevant websites and contacts for the original news or press release, or to useful articles related to this topic as suggested by contributors.














Analysis of Business Roundtable

CEO Survey 2002-2008 Results

July 2007 - Fortune Magazine has published the annual Global 500 list.  Global revenues of the top 500 in 2007 add up to $20.9 trillion versus $16.8 in 2005 - a gain of 24.4%.  Total "Global 500" profits are up nearly 65%, from $0.93 to $1.53 trillion.  The "Global 500" profits as a % of revenues have climbed from 5.5% to 7.3% since 2005.

US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson described it as the "strongest global economy" he has seen in his business lifetime.  A related article declared it to be the "greatest economic boom ever", quoting several global business leaders to reinforce the premise that this is about "as good as it gets".

The sidebar graphics point out that "cross-border trade, commodity prices, and per capita GDP have all soared to historic levels - and nowhere have things been growing faster than in the emerging world.  What's grown fastest of all are international flows of capital and direct investment."  There was the usual emphasis on the "BRIC" countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - but now Turkey and Middle East locations such as Dubai are attracting attention too.

Analysis of Fortune Global 500

Distribution by Country 2005-2007


July 2007 - Forbes magazine has published their second ranking of "Best states to do business".  Like other media, they continue to crank out such statistical rankings on a regular basis.  This follows Forbes recent ranking of "Best Places for Business and Careers", which is basically a statistical ranking of large and small US metros.  This is just one of the many lists which Forbes produces on a regular basis.

There are many magazine rankings of states and cities which seem to largely be an excuse for them to sell advertising to states.  Most don't provide really meaningful market research and actionable insights for the executives who are responsible for business location decisions, so we choose not to highlight them.

Although we do US sales work for a Financial Times magazine, we may share links to serious research reports or meaningful rankings in other media (actionable market insights).

We just won't waste our time by linking to all of the advertorial content or superficial rankings because after 15+ years in this business, we have never met a single executive with decision authority for a major project (out of contact with thousands of them) who cared to see them.




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