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We just made your own website more valuable to executives.

Economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and service providers which support the development of capital investment projects such as new offices and industrial or distribution projects already share a wealth of timely local market knowledge and useful services online.

Unfortunately, it has been hard for executives and their advisors to find what they need, when they need it, in potentially relevant communities.

A tremendous amount of promotional information is constantly pushed out at them through specialty magazines, events, direct mail, online and print advertising, PR, telemarketing, and personal sales work.

Despite this, it has still remained very difficult for executives to quickly find the information and services which can address their own project planning interests at the time when they may be seeking assistance.

The custom Google search tools on now combine to make it much easier for business leaders and their professional advisors worldwide to find the benefits your area offers.

What purpose does serve? and our related websites (links in the header) were set up to provide an extremely fast and easy way for executives and their professional advisors to research business locations anywhere.

Our unique search tools were designed for research across geographic regions, professional specialties, industry sectors, and relevant news.

Independent market research work to consolidate available resources in this niche has now been combined with tools for the organization and collaborative sharing of timely local market knowledge and contacts.

We selectively consolidate and summarize useful information with search engine optimization in mind. This creates an efficient channel for executives to find information and contacts when they are needed. That complements our independent "concierge" referral work, which personally introduces executives in response to their project plans.

Refer also to our Introduction for economic development marketers.

A few examples of recent advertisers in North America

Arizona Global Network

City of Toronto

Chicago, IL

Pittsburgh, PA

State of Florida

Surprise, AZ

Huntsville, AL

Growth from 200,000 to 600,000+ visitors in just 3 years

Chart of our monthly website visitors, 2004 - 2007

How to advertise through this website

Examples - Search: Americas

This website offers complementary new research tools, as explained below, as another unique way to attract the attention of relevant executives and professional advisors as they plan investment projects.

Together, these tools offer a very cost-efficient and targeted online marketing solution to help attract investment projects from anywhere.

Search: Americas - Search across state and provincial websites in regions of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. This leads into the state and local search tools as explained below, and links to related resources - which can include display advertising, articles, news, and websites.

If Google can find the relevant market knowledge which your website shares, as it usually can, then executives and their advisors can use these intuitive tools to find such information without thousands of irrelevant results from other websites which are not related to this field.

Examples - Search: Americas - State & Local

Search: Texas Search: Arizona Search: Iowa Search: Nebraska

Search: Florida Search: Georgia Search: Washington

These and similar custom Google search tools can find results quickly for any keywords of interest across all of the state and local economic development websites as listed in the scope at the bottom of the page, without thousands of irrelevant results from countless other websites.

Some state search tools are not yet finished, but these and other tools will be added soon. The websites included in the search scope will also be updated as appropriate beyond our initial selections.

Search: Americas makes it easy to find your relevant content

Executives can now quickly find the relevant local market knowledge which you already share through timely maintenance of your own website - without thousands of irrelevant search results from websites unrelated to this field. Before they even know that your area is relevant, they can easily find the useful information you share, and contact you.

They simply choose which groups of related websites to search - such as regions or states. In effect, this self-qualifies the areas of interest to them while still exploring "short list" options across many locations.

Market reach and benefits of the Search: Americas tools

Our targeted online market reach is large. These tools create a unique way for executives and their advisors to find potentially relevant business locations in any region or state in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.

Unlike centralized database tools for statistical data screening or CRE property searches, our research tools make it easy for executives and consultants to use the intuitive power of Google for decentralized content searches across selective groups of economic development websites in regions and states. This is complemented by our many reference directories.

Instead of searching each website separately for everything they may need to consider when planning a major project, which is too tedious to be viable, they can quickly search across a group of websites. This is a simple but extremely powerful new research tool for project planning.

Advertising on Search: Americas and related pages

Search: Americas is a unique channel for reaching very precisely targeted groups of potential investors and their advisors as they research project planning issues in the regions or states of interest.

Online advertising can reach these well-qualified potential investors repeatedly as they research topics of interest in a region or state. The various options for doing this range from only $450 to $2500+ per year.

Thumbnail images can link to display ads as published in magazines, except that these ad pages can also be found by their content through the search tools. Unlike banner or print ads, that means the users can easily find your ad whenever the content is relevant to their current search interests. Inexpensive banners and buttons are also available.

Search: Americas benefits - Designed for well-qualified referrals

In the development of these very targeted online market research and independent project referral tools, the focus wasn't on maximizing the number of "ad impressions" displayed, but rather on the marketing task to help attract very well-qualified prospects in a cost-efficient way.

There aren't, after all, tens of thousands of projects each year for which a new business location is required, nor do many areas genuinely have the potential to attract hundreds of viable, well-qualified, major "project leads" per year and consistently win them against all the competition.

On the other hand, each project won is highly valuable. The challenge is to efficiently find a good match between the relevant capabilities of a community and the needs and preferences of project decision-makers.

Summary - for online economic development marketing

Our unique Search: Americas tools are designed to help areas get on the "long list" and "short list".

They make it easy for executives and advisors to discover the benefits which might persuade them to take a closer look at your area as a place to do business.

We make it very easy for executives to search or browse through and compare location alternatives. Our custom search tools make it easy to find relevant local market knowledge which is already shared on your website.

Self-qualified as well as professional referrals

Those who choose to use specific state or regional search tools have already demonstrated their current interest in a specific state or region by their selection among the available search tools or related pages, whether or not they may choose to get in touch right away to discuss their project interests and plans, or click through to your website.

We also promote these tools to professional service providers who can use them as a quick way to find what they need for their clients.

We already use these tools for reference in our project referral work.

Our other websites offers custom research and search tools, such as the Area Search, USA Search, CRE Search, etc.

It makes it easy for top executives and their advisors to selectively search relevant websites for additional details beyond the executive summary content and links which we provide.

See how to advertise and our latest market reach data.

Independent project referral work - We provide independent referrals for capital investment project planning, such as to assist top executives with their research work and introduce economic development contacts and professional service providers as appropriate to their interests.

Global Direct Investment Solutions maintains a global reference directories and custom search tools for rapid research work, including links to over 25,000 resources and contacts worldwide.

This independent referral service functions like a concierge service to support business location strategies and site selection decisions.

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