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Welcome to

This introductory presentation is for directors and marketing and communications professionals at economic development agencies and service providers as potential advertisers.

We also welcome potential contributors of significant news or PR content and market insights about their areas or services as outlined in the Add News section.

Active contributors of useful content will also be recognized by offering reciprocal links. We summarize and publish relevant content selectively to maintain quality. Our focus is on significant content of long-term reference interest to national executives, rather than minor local news. Instead, we make it easy to find the recent local news through unique research tools such as the Search: Americas feature.

Our large, well-targeted, and growing reach online

In our first 3 years, our websites grew rapidly to attract 600,000+ visitors per year, and have even reached 60,000+ per month.

That's more than prominent specialty magazines in this niche which have been in free circulation (at high advertiser expense) for decades to reach 25,000 - 45,000 recipients periodically. Together, they produce an estimated 150 million pages per year of glossy paper for recycling.

Their websites are largely reference archives of articles or advertorials, promoted mainly to their subscription list and advertisers. This business was designed instead as a powerful online research and independent professional referral tool for expansion project planning by executives. We aren't pushing out vague articles. We're helping executives and their advisors to find what they are seeking for their specific project plans.

Search: Americas - try it now for your region

The Search: Americas tool makes it intuitively easy for visitors to research any region, state, city, or local area in North America.

This is useful from the earliest exploratory "long list" research to the final "short list" details on any topic of interest. Visitors can selectively search across multiple state, city, and county websites in any region for whatever they may be seeking at that time.

Other new Search tools on this website

Other unique research tools will be added according to the interests of the executives we serve. For example, try the new commercial real estate search tool to look up anywhere in the world. Many CRE firms share very useful market knowledge - so we've made it easier to find.

The point is simply that the initial tools you see today are just the start. This service will continue to introduce valuable innovations.

Visitors can save their favorite search tools

Visitors can save some of the custom search tools to their own iGoogle home pages to easily use them again at any time. Try this with the simple "Add to Google" button on such search result pages.

This simple tool means the search engine can be used repeatedly by project team members throughout the typically long research and planning process. These search results pages can therefore become a very relevant place to advertise to that very targeted audience of visitors with interest in a particular region or state.

Reach a very targeted audience

The new search tools on this website take advantage of powerful Google search technology to build up communities of visitors who share a common interest in searching across a particular group of websites. In effect, the visitors self-qualify their interests by the choices they make about which search tools to use or download.

For example, somebody who is contemplating an investment in Florida may want to refer to the US Southeast regional search tool at first and then use the Florida search tool repeatedly while planning their project. Our content is shared through both. Refer to our October 2008 analysis of the interests of the users of these search tools.

Why advertise on your most relevant search pages?

These search tools make it far easier for visitors to discover the relevant content on your own website - and others in the state or region - as they focus their research from the regional to state level and local levels.

In effect, the selective list of websites to search screens out your results from millions of irrelevant websites on the Internet so that visitors can discover your own content very quickly and easily.

The search tool design brings such visitors back to the same page repeatedly as they search for different topics. As they see search results for your area or service, they will see Google ads for whatever Google interprets as relevant to their search interests, but the search results page can also show very relevant ads because the website has been designed to segment this market according to the regional or service interests of visitors.

There are very economical options to advertise on search results page through this service for a full year - from $450 to $1800+. See this background about advertising, or .

Share major news about your area or service

We make it easy to share significant news about your area or service in a well-targeted way for this niche market.

Refer to the Add News section for details. Reciprocal links are also available to highlight such contributors of useful content.

Unlike newswire press releases which are broadcast to business media and soon purged and forgotten, this new tool is designed to share news of more lasting interest for executives and their advisors to find when they need the information - rather than when the news is first released.

Unlike costly advertorial articles or ads in magazines or e-mail broadcasts which don't even get read by many top decision-makers, or the use of business newswires to distribute PR to general business media in a less targeted and temporary way, this unique service gets your story out to our very targeted audience of visitors for quick reference at any time.

Add News : Get your best PR onto this website

The goal of is to make this the most useful and convenient source of actionable local market news, PR, and insights through unique tools designed to address research interests in this niche from the regional to local level.

This business openly shares valuable contacts, information resources, and research tools already for executives and their professional advisors as they plan major capital investment projects anywhere. It functions as a referral service - like a concierge who is well-prepared to make valuable introductions.

Professionals typically reward successful referrals in addition to any advertising they may choose to do with us. Economic development agencies typically can't reward referrals by the nature of their budget processes, so advertising or other services we provide up front reward our work instead of success fees.

The better the content which you contribute about your area, then the more likely it is to be featured on this site and thereby attract the attention of relevant executives and their advisors at any time.

This is a tool for professionals to tell their story directly. In most cases we link a short summary on this site directly to the original content as published on your own website so that it becomes much easier for people to find it when relevant to their interests.

The new search tools make it very easy for visitors to find any such content quickly through the summary and links.

Tired of costly advertorials that don't reach investors?

Global Direct Investment Solutions is not a publisher. We specialize in independent referrals and market research in direct response to the project interests of executives and their advisors.

We don't use freelance or junior staff writers to produce content without experience at investment project planning work. Such writers typically just summarize recent press releases or website content to write what the editor thinks may be of current interest to advertisers or readers. They are largely filling up blank space between ads to help attract more advertisers for each issue.

We accept relevant contributions from trusted professionals very selectively to publish on this website. We are not filling up space in a magazine. If we don't regard the content as very useful, we won't publish it. If it is useful, we will. Summaries and links are free. More detailed presentations which require additional work just involve a small fee to cover that work.

This website and the independent research and project referral work behind it is led by Bruce Donnelly, a professional with 15+ years of experience in this niche market. He has personally visited 1000+ companies to support their active capital investment project plans. That includes US sales work for a top global site selection consulting firm as well as a leading regional economic development agency. He has lived and led management work in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

This service is designed to attract investors through many useful contributions by a network of senior professionals in this niche who know what really matters to potential investors in their areas or services, and how they compete successfully for projects.

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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