Editorial: Endorsement of McCain-Palin

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Update: November 4, 2008 Why I still distrust Barack Obama

Measure the results.

The election of Barack Obama as president-elect has quickly been greeted with euphoria among his many supporters - and by the first indications from Russia within hours that they are going to want to test him by making several new threats already.

Senator McCain was very gracious in his concession speech, and promised to try to work in a bi-partisan way to achieve progress together. Senator Obama was also gracious and as eloquent and vague as usual in his victory celebration speech.

Now that the election is over, and the celebrations will soon have past, it remains to be seen whether the Democratic Party will continue to live up to my very low expectations through their actions while in power. They can no longer blame Republicans for everything.

The remainder of this page is the original editorial.

This country has been served by both good and bad presidents over the last two centuries. The country has made great progress despite hardships at times. No matter how much one may disagree with the policies of Barack Obama and the new Reid-Pelosi Congress, this too shall pass. The voters will have their say again.

Many who voted for Obama now are not old enough to remember how enthusiastically Jimmy Carter was greeted as President-elect in 1975 when he took advantage of the post-Vietnam and post-Nixon environment to rise quickly to power as an "outsider" who would bring change to Washington. Indeed, he brought change - making a bad situation much worse.

One can only hope that Obama will do better. There is nothing in his track record to justify confidence in it. He is already talking about the limits on what he can deliver in his "first term", despite having a supportive Congress in hand. I remain very skeptical.

Remember in the years ahead to use the "Wayback Machine" at to look back at the campaign websites and all the promises of Barack Obama and others in Congress, and compare that to their actions.

He could hide behind vague rhetoric and many promises in the election.

We'll see what he does.

Editorial: Why I support McCain-Palin Why should you care?

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October 2, 2008 - by Bruce Donnelly

The world has changed dramatically over the last few decades, but it remains a very dangerous place.

The global economy has made remarkable progress as most countries have abandoned failed socialist and authoritarian models of economic development in which government intervenes with few constraints on power to seek political rather than market outcomes.

This remains a difficult transition period for many countries. It is not a time for the United States to embrace the sort of failed social policies which others are finally replacing.

This election is not about the war in Iraq, nor a referendum on the policies of President Bush. It is about the future prosperity of the USA in a far more competitive world than has existed in our history.

We the people need to remind everyone in Congress that they are held accountable for their performance. They can't just blame each other endlessly.

There's a lot of talk in the media about the economy now, and the unchallenged premise that economic problems will favor Democratic candidates.

This defies the fact that states with Democratic governors don't have a very good track record at economic development despite all the money which they have spent on various liberal social programs.

Regardless of good intentions, high taxes and government spending hurt the economy because we live in a very competitive world. Capital flows across local, state, and national borders. We can't live beyond our means. We have to make choices.

Government intervention has unintended bad consequences. Individuals are far more creative, motivated, and agile at seizing new opportunities than the government bureaucrats are at manipulating markets for self-serving social goals.

Government intervention spreads corruption on a scale which could not be sustained in a competitive market. The debacle at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is just the latest example of this problem.

McCain-Palin campaign

Republican National Committee

"It's the economy, stupid"

No, it's not! The role of government is not to try to manipulate the national economy through social programs to promote "fairness" to all "classes", or to favor the "middle class" or the "poor".

It wasn't created to tax the "wealthy" more than others, or to "punish Wall Street greed and corruption" while praising handouts on Main Street and to partisan interest groups to curry favor.

The role of taxes is to fund the essential functions of government at all levels, which should be performed as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible to limit that economic burden on productive workers and those who employ them in such work.

The government isn't there to control the outcome of the economy, or to use taxes to favor any one group over others. It helps to create and sustain a globally competitive social infrastructure so that individuals are free to choose how to improve their own lives and are highly motivated to achieve sustainable progress.

Foreign policy judgment matters

Senator Obama has demonstrated almost no foreign policy judgment during his brief tenure. He has just tried to position himself for this election by saying whatever seemed popular at the time.

Senator Biden has repeatedly demonstrated very poor judgment for decades. He has been quite capable as the front man for partisan arguments against any Republican policies, but he hasn't done much more than assert his very liberal views. He doesn't seem to have learned very much from his mistakes. He seems to be in denial of them.

Senator McCain has actually challenged the judgment of Republican presidents when he thought they were wrong, and has helped to build consensus on better choices. He has listened to others.

Diplomacy isn't about willingness to meet with any leaders of other countries, or becoming more popular among our friends. It's about finding ways to achieve lasting progress on issues of mutual importance.

US Senate

US House of Representatives

The White House

US Department of State

US Department of Treasury

US Department of Commerce

Why is the economy in trouble today?

Look at the history - dating back to the Carter years - of Democratic policies which turned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into a channel for unfunded mandates by government to extend low-cost mortgages to those who traditionally could not have qualified for them, and to then leverage the debt of these institutions beyond all reasonable limits.

That's not to say that there isn't enough blame to go around in both parties. There is. The point is simply that the Democratic attempts to use these quasi governmental organizations and bank regulations to promote their social agenda backfired very badly. Everybody now has to pay to clean up the mess.

Why do I care?

I served as a US Foreign Service Officer (State Department) from 1980-1985, from the end of the Carter administration through the first term of President Reagan. That included voluntary service related to the hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Iran, service in Pakistan during the Afghan war with the Soviets, and in Germany before reunification, when many liberals thought President Reagan was crazy and a direct threat to peace and prosperity.

Mine was a minor role as a junior officer, but it provided a lasting perspective on such issues, as did my career related to global business investments.

Search: US Election

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US Governors directory

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Will the "Paulson Plan" reward Wall Street?

Why should we care whether CEOs earn a lot of money as they fix the problems we are all facing? They just shouldn't be rewarded for continued failure.

Did we care when the executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac earned millions while running those entities into the ground and paying off their political friends to keep this house of cards from falling?

The question is whether the plan will work to reward America and the world with a better economy so that we can work our way out of the financial mess which has been created by liberal government programs.

Senator Obama shouldn't even be a Senator

He represents Illinois - my state. He promised voters, during his election, that he would not seek the nomination for President in his first term.

He had hardly been elected to the Senate, however, when he started running for President. What has he actually accomplished on behalf of Illinois voters? How much time has he really spent on his job?

What did he accomplish in the Illinois legislature? What did he accomplish while in Chicago? Not much. He has just been campaigning all along for his next office. He doesn't deserve to be a Senator.

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What about affordable healthcare?

Do we all have a right to affordable healthcare, or to health insurance, just by living in this country?

Isn't this similar to the twisted liberal version of the "American dream" as everyone being able to afford their own home through government sponsored housing programs and low interest mortgages, with few constraints on who qualifies for such credit?

In short, is it really a proper role of our government to decide what healthcare everybody will get? Is this liberal cure-all worse than the disease again?

Is it really the role of government to guarantee the health of everybody, regardless of cost? Or to make the choices about who gets care, and who doesn't?

We can't afford another Carter

President Carter was as ambitious and clever a politician as Obama - aiming for Governor and then President by doing whatever it took to get elected.

He was a disaster as President, however. We can't afford to make that mistake again, especially while facing complex and dangerous foreign threats today.

People who think that world leaders don't respect President Bush today should go back and look at the Carter era, when allies genuinely feared that America could not be trusted as a reliable friend, and our enemies perceived us as weak and naive.

That is the change we can believe in from Obama - to put domestic political expediency above all else.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

It is not the role of the federal government to provide for the general health, welfare, and happiness of everybody who is physically present in this country.

We have to compete with countries which provide very few social benefits for their residents. We have to make tough choices about what we can afford to do, and set priorities. We are free to choose that we will not allow our government to mandate how we live. We limit the intrusion of government power.

It is not the responsibility of government to make us all happy. It is our responsibility to regulate our government - and not vice versa as in liberalism.

We the people are the ones with the power to solve our own problems if we limit the role of government, instead of acting as though "we the government" must have a master plan and a "progressive" social solution for every perceived need in the world.

The problem isn't "corruption", or the influence of lobbyists and the obscure "earmarks" they favor to avoid having to defend dubious spending decisions.

The problem is simply that the role of the federal government has expanded into providing something for everybody, with no real accountability for limiting government. Each election cycle brings even more promises and programs which may seem to be a good idea at the time, but which we cannot afford.

It's like impulse buying at the voter booth checkout. Sooner or later, we the people have to exercise our control over government spending, rather than expect lots of social benefits at somebody else's expense.

It's not enough to be an amiable public speaker

The chief executive of the most powerful nation on this planet needs to have the experience, core values, and judgment to confront tough decisions about unpredictable events every day.

Neither the President nor Vice President are expected to know everything they will ever need to know for this extraordinary job from day one.

They assemble a team of many talented advisors - but that requires the willingness to listen to those who disagree with their own views, and then try to make good choices even though nobody will be right all of the time.

Senator McCain has those executive leadership qualities. Governor Palin seems to share them - from local and state experience in government..

Senator Obama doesn't seem to have ever been responsible for much more than preparing for his next election campaign through partisan politics.

This isn't about McCain being a "maverick" or a "reformer" or not. It's about taking responsibility as a real leader while never losing the humility of the commitment to faithfully serve other Americans for a cause greater than personal or party interests.

We are not electing a political party leader. We elect the President to uphold the Constitution as the leader of all Americans - not just those who share a partisan political view. This is not a parliamentary system with a Prime Minister chosen by the winning party or coalition, while all others are pushed aside to gripe in opposition on the back bench of history.

Charity Navigator is a useful research tool which provides information about many charities, and how their administrative overheads relate to donations. This is not a performance metric in terms of the outcomes they achieve, however.

We maintain our own selective Humanitarian, Charitable, and Philanthropic Community Services directory for convenient reference.

This is not an endorsement by us of their work, or vice versa. It is just a tool for sharing information about many useful resources.

Featured Links - selected news media, talk radio programs, and information resources - mostly "conservative" or independent in their political point of view, with a few exceptions. These are provided for the convenience of visitors who may not yet be familiar with them. Their presence here does not imply any endorsement by us of their views on any topic, or vice versa. We often disagree with some of their positions - sometimes quite vehemently. We just tend to disagree far more strongly with liberals. - Fox News

many conservative articles

Hugh Hewitt blog on Town Hall and his columns The Heritage Foundation
Fox Business Network The Michael Medved Show National Review Online Foundation for Defense of Cemocracies
C-Span The Dennis Prager Show Pajamas Media - blog Hillsdale College - Imprimis
The Weekly Standard The Rush Limbaugh Show RedState - blog The Club for Growth
The Mark Levin Show American Conservative Union American Academy of Diplomacy The Cato Institute
FairTax The Sean Hannity Show Daniel Pipes Newt Gingrich
Mark Steyn - Steyn Online
Some interesting groups have shown continued interest in the political future of Sarah Palin after the election defeat of Senator McCain. McCain is already preparing to run for the Senate again. Hopefully he will employ more honorable campaign staff this time. of other relevant links are welcome. This website is not a political one, nor is this business engaged in any political activities. Since our political and economic future is critical to the main focus of this business, we selectively share ideas and links for our visitors.
"How Obama Got Elected" is a website promoting a "Media Malpractice" documentary film by talk show host and author John Ziegler, including interviews of Sarah Palin about the election. It also promotes his 2005 book, "The Death of Free Speech", which also addresses broadcast media bias. "Our Country Deserves Better" is a small PAC which did various negative anti-Obama ads during the campaign, and then did an amusing "Thanks, Sarah Palin" ad for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Team Sarah is an independent social networking site aimed at women who remain supportive of Governor Sarah Palin.
Note that Governor Palin will be facing re-election in 2010. For information about other state governors, refer to our directory at

Alaska state government website.

Governor Palin's website:

Online research suggestion

Try the "Wayback Machine" to research past images of websites, such as "" to see the content of the official website for the office of Senator John McCain back to 1999.

Why the above "conservative" website links?

This business serves a global audience, not just a US one. The definition of "conservative" in other countries is not always the same as in the USA. In any case, visitors may not be aware of such resources, and may find them to be interesting.

Do you disagree with the above?

Too bad. This is a private business, with no political affiliation or any government funding. Exercise your own First Amendment rights elsewhere. Support the party of your choice, and vote your conscience. Don't waste your time or mine arguing with me.

Is it racist to be against Senator Obama?

No. I was even more opposed to Senator Biden as a candidate, before he got the few votes he deserved in the primaries. This is about fundamental values, experience, and leadership judgment. I would never vote for him, regardless of color, because of his views.

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