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This analysis updates our prior review of patterns in the interests of visitors to according the the choices made to visit various US state economic development directories. Refer to our market reach for general visit statistics. See our regional and state directories. These preceded the development of our Search: Americas and similar tools in fall 2007.

See our prior analysis of regional visit patterns from 2005 - 2006.

Whether found through navigational links on the website or search engines, the visits to US state economic development directories are a simple indicator of the diverse range of interests among our visitors.

You may also find our 7 year analysis of investment project trends by state to be of interest. Our April 2006 newsletter (4 pages with graphs) summarized that former market research and analysis.

This graphic indicates which were the "hot" state directories from October 2006 - 2007. All of these directories now link to the new Search: Americas tools on this website, and back, so that visitors can easily use either the directory listings or the state search tools.

See Invest USA

or Search: Americas

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IBM presentation (.pdf) about global investment trends in September 2007

IBM press release about their latest analysis of global capital investment project trends

It is worth noting that only 3.4% of our total page views during October 2006 - 2007 were to view our home page. By design, most of our visitors arrive through search engines and go directly to the pages with the content which is relevant to their interests at the time, or quickly find the relevant pages through the navigational links. Links on each page typically lead to closely related content. Unlike advertising-driven websites by US magazine publishers, the basic concept behind was to function like a concierge or project referral service in this niche market. We help executives and their advisors to quickly find what they are seeking in any geographic region or professional specialty, or information resources to support capital investment project plans.
Our marketing work directs visitors to special landing pages which are designed to be most relevant to their expected interests, as opposed to just directing everyone to our home page as a starting point. Beyond the basic directories and search tools for quick reference, we also provide personal referral services to support project plans.

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