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This page will summarize timely, actionable news which is likely to be of interest to C-level executives.

Executives can , and we will take this into consideration in the selection of content to be featured here.

As this feature develops, we will organize subcategories of Alerts for the common interests identified by participating executives.

Unlike e-mail broadcasts, newsletter publishers, or news media, it is not our intention to try to push information out at executives.

Instead, our focus is to function more like a custom research or business intelligence service which screens through many useful sources to share information which participating executives regard as important to their own interests in this niche market. In effect, this is an extension of our "concierge" referral service to openly share useful market knowledge and contacts in this niche market.

about custom research work, including personal alerts or referrals to relevant professional research service providers.

For example, many executives may not yet be aware of the FT Research Centre service provided by the Financial Times group.

Rather than broadcast e-mail news alerts to large subscriber lists on a periodic schedule, our focus is to get to know the specific research interests of top executives and then communicate with them personally according to their preferences while offering useful information of more general interest here on a timely basis.
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News for the topic of this page is summarized in this column with links to relevant websites and contacts for the original news or press release, or to useful articles related to this topic as suggested by contributors.

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