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This page summarizes the nominal fees we charge to help promote business locations or professional services to the 600,000+ visitors per year who we attract through the market research and services shared by our websites.

Illustrative budget examples: fees for

bullet $ 450 / year = button ad, fixed on 3 relevant pages
bullet $ 950 / year = banner ad, fixed on 3 relevant pages
bullet $ 950 / year = one page presentation about the area or service. or for a Biographic Profile about the primary contact
bullet $1500 / year = banner ad as above, plus the one page executive summary presentation about the area or service with links from many relevant pages to make it very easy to find. This takes advantage of search engine capabilities to find such content.
bullet $2000 / year = thumbnail ad linked to a separate full page, with searchable ad copy, fixed on 3 relevant pages plus other links. This resembles a magazine display ad, but it can be found online through thumbnail links or searches for the ad copy. For example: Pittsburgh and others as shown on the home page
bullet $2500 / year = thumbnail ad as above, plus a one page executive summary presentation about the area or service with links from many relevant pages to make it very easy to find.
bullet $3000 / year for the above (thumbnail + ad + summary page) plus a biographic profile of the primary contact for the area or service provider to make this professional much easier to find.
Examples of potential online ad placements:

For economic development agencies, typical choices would be:

bullet Search: State page - example Florida
bullet Search: Region page - example US Southeast
bullet Search: Americas page - subject to space availability
bullet PR page - Americas, region, or state
bullet State directory page on - example Florida
bullet Regional directory page - example US Southeast

In general, our fees for services to promote a single business location or service are deliberately designed to be low so that advertising budget constraints are not a significant obstacle to competition in this market by communities or professionals with limited resources.

Small business locations and small service providers may have very relevant capabilities which deserve to be highlighted, even though they may lack the marketing resources or scale to do major advertising campaigns in less targeted or higher cost media channels. They may simply choose not to use their limited budget resources that way.

This creates a "level playing field" in this niche market. We can deliver higher marketing value for those who choose to invest in market research, events, or developing well-qualified project referrals, but this channel was also designed to serve those who may have a valuable story to tell to executives, but limited marketing resources.

Co-sponsored market research and lead generation work

We have helped executives at over 1000 companies with their capital investment project plans over the years, and have screened thousands of others to qualify their interest in specific places or services.

about the cost of our direct research work to survey relevant executives personally about their capital investment project interests or awareness or perceptions of specific business locations or services.

Growth from 200,000 to 600,000+ visits per year in just 3 years.

Chart of our monthly website visitors, 2004 - 2007

Market research and marketing support capabilities

We can perform custom market research and also provide services to support marketing activities such as targeted "lead generation" work and promotional events, including sponsored visit programs such as "familiarization" events as well as services related to trade shows.

These custom services are obviously priced differently than our online advertising options, because they may involve several weeks or months of professional work rather than just a few hours or days to complete.

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