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This is a selective search tool for Mexico Commercial Real Estate websites plus our own content.  It differs in scope from the custom site Search tool at the top right of all pages of this website by searching a selective list of other related websites.

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This custom search tool includes the websites of firms specialized in industrial and office building transactions in Mexico as well as shelters, maquilas, and industrial park development and construction.  Suggestions are welcome.

Directory: Mexico economic development  includes other information resources about doing business and investing in Mexico, including lists of other types of professional service providers.  The focus of our work is on commercial properties rather than residential, retail, or hospitality / resort.

Search scope and website list below.

Explanation below See also: Search: Americas

Contact us to Background and costs.

This tool helps executives and their advisors to do business location research related to their capital investment project plans and decisions, including site selection for new business facilities such as offices, industrial buildings, warehouses, etc.

Background information - Cityscape USA

News media / PR pages of state government or economic development websites in Mexico


Baja California  Sonora  Chihuahua  Coahuila  Nuevo Leon  Tamaulipas

Sinaloa  Durango  Zacatecas  San Luis Potosi  Colima  Jalisco  Aguascalientes

Guanajuato  State of Mexico  Distrito Federal

Nayarit  Michoacán  Hidalgo  Tlaxcala  Morelos   Puebla  Veracruz

Oaxaca  Tabasco  Guerrero  Chiapas   Yucatan  Quintana Roo  Campeche

August 2007 article about Mexico City in fDi magazine, and an interview with the Minister of Finance for Mexico City, Mario Delgado Carrillo.  There was also an interview of Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard Casuabon, and an article about Siemens experience in Mexico City.

Global directories of professional service providers and economic development agencies at

Point of View article - Why a business should invest in Mexico (not yet available)

Featured Links

Cityscape USA 2008 in New York

Background information

and images with links to some of the exhibitors.

about exhibiting at Cityscape USA 2009


Mexico Economic Development Search

 Mexico directory at

PR, News for Mexico

Search back issues of fDi.

fDi magazine is published by the Financial Times group

North American Cities of the Future

List of Mexico Winners

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Mexico City, DF

Juarez, Chihuahua

Santiago de Queretaro

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas

Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Colima, Colima

Tijuana, Baja California

Durango, Durango

fDi Atlas

Explanation - fDi Atlas

Explanation of this custom search tool

This tool makes it easy to search across a specific community of related websites, such as similar types of professional services.

This eliminates myriad WWW search results unrelated to this niche, or the need for duplicate searches across such sites separately.

For example, this page serves the community of executives and business advisors who may be seeking information about specific aspects of doing business in a particular region, but who need to find and compare information from multiple locations or service providers.

Search Tips

Since this search tool covers multiple websites, as listed below, it may be helpful to narrow a search with an exact phrase by including these keywords in quotes as shown:

bullet "press release" or "new jobs" may help to find recent project announcements across multiple websites.
bullet a search for a specific industry or company name, city, or state may help to identify relevant experience from references to past clients or services in those areas.

It is also possible to refine a search within the list of initial results.

See also: Google search tips.

Scope of this custom search tool

At this time, the above custom search selectively finds results from the content of the following list of websites.

Other relevant websites may be added to this initial scope.

Contact us to through this unique service.

The search results above are also designed to include relevant ads as suggested by Google, in addition to those which we highlight above because of their known relevance to the topic of this search page.

Other resources which may be helpful: - USA Search, Area Search, etc. provide the capability to easily search related websites individually.

Directories at may also be helpful as a very comprehensive global reference guide for this niche market.

bullet Invest in the USA directory - state, city, and local economic development websites, related information sources or services
bullet US Governors directory - party, next election, websites
bullet US Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) website directory, contacts
bullet Invest in America - 2007 initiative by US Dept. of Commerce
bullet Business location - site selection consultants
bullet Corporate real estate (CRE) directory and CRE Search tool
List of websites searched by the above

fDi magazine (Foreign Direct Investment)

Global Direct Investment Solutions

On The Short List

Short List News

American Industries

Fidepar -  Fideicomiso para el Desarollo de Parques y Zonas Industriales en el Estado de Mexico


Las Amercas

Promotora de la Industria Chihuahuaense

Colliers International Mexico

Amistad Industrial Developers

G. Accion

LaSalle Investment Management (Mexico)

Prudential Financial - Prudential Real Estate Investors


Port of Altamira


Logistik Servicios Multimodales

San Jorge Industrial Park

Entrada Group

Parque Industrial de Tehuacan

Grupo Domos

Los Fuentes Industrial Park

Secretaria de Desarollo Economico del Gobierno del Tabasco

NAI Mexico

Bermudez International

Grupo GP - Garza Ponce

Millennium Industrial Park

Secretaria de Desarollo Economico del Gobierno del Estado de Guanajuato

Brasa Desarollos

Grupo La Mesa

Oradel Industrial Center

Secretaria de Desarollo Economico y Portuario del Gobierno de Veracruz

Cofoin Hidalgo

Grupo O'Donnell

Parque Industrial Antonio J. Bermudez

The Offshore Group - Dinisa

Corporacion CIESA

Grupo Property Plus SA de CV

Parque Industrial Atitalaquia - PIASA Verde Corporate Real Estate Services

Corporate Properties of the Americas

Grupo Rio San Juan

Parque Industrial Calafia



Hines Mexico

Parque Industrial Maran

Zona de Conectividad Durango

El Florido Parque Industrial

Iamsa Industrial Group

Parque Industrial Queretaro

Associacion Mexicana de Parques Industriales - AMPIP - Mexican Association of Business and Industrial Parks

Fideicomiso Zacatecas

Immobiliaria y Constructora Alas

Parque Industrial Yucatan

Fideicomiso Ciudad Industrial Xicotencatl


Parque Industrial Santa Fe

Fideicomiso de Parques Industriales del Estado de Michoacan

Intramerica Real Estate Group


Please inform us if any are obsolete, since organizations in this market often change their domains without notice.
Contact us with suggestions for other than those listed above.


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