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The custom search tool below is for a selective list of economic development magazine publisher websites plus our own content. It differs from our custom Google site Search tool at the top of all pages by searching a specific list of other relevant websites in this specialty as shown at the bottom of this page.

We offer independent referrals for professional services, including economic development organizations. for assistance with corporate expansion project plans anywhere.

This tool helps executives and their professional advisors to do research as they develop capital investment project plans and business location strategy decisions, including research into critical site selection issues for new business facilities such as offices, industrial buildings, distribution centers, R&D operations, etc. This makes it easy to find relevant editorial and advertorial content as shared through the websites of such economic development magazines, including industry reports and significant project announcements.
The search results will appear below. Refer also to search tips.

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Explanation of this custom search tool

This tool makes it easy to search across a specific community of related websites, such as within an industry sector or among similar types of professional services.

This eliminates myriad WWW search results unrelated to this niche, or the need to repeat searches across many such sites.

Search Tips

Since this search tool covers multiple websites, as listed below, it may be helpful to narrow a search with an exact phrase by including these keywords in quotes as shown:

See also: Google search tips. The search results above also include ads as generated by Google's relevance logic, in addition to those which we feature through our own marketing work because of their known relevance to the topic of this page.

List of websites searched by the above

Global Direct Investment Solutions

On The Short List

Short List News

fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - published by the Financial Times group

Site Selection magazine - published by Conway Data, including content related to the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC)

Area Development magazine by Halcyon Business Publications

Business Facilities magazine

Business Xpansion Journal

Global Corporate Xpansion by Latitude 3 Media Group

Expansion Solutions magazine

Southern Auto Corridor - by Southern Business & Development magazine

Southern Business & Development magazine

Expansion Management magazine

Please inform us if any are obsolete, since organizations in this market often change their domains without notice.
Contact us with suggestions for other than those listed above.

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