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This is a directory of US Export Assistance Centers of the US Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration for quick reference. These US offices work closely with the Foreign Commercial Service offices at US embassies and consulates, including US business concerns about foreign Market Access and Compliance issues as well as US export promotion missions and trade policy.

Foreign executives may find such local US government contacts to be useful as they plan capital investment projects into US states or meet with local professional service providers or potential US business partners and suppliers.

Their networks of local business contacts in these states and cities may be helpful despite their primary focus on US export promotion work in cooperation with local business leaders.

Foreign executives with existing or planned foreign direct investment projects into the USA may also find these US Department of Commerce offices and Invest in America to be helpful to answer questions about the process of investing into the USA as one of the most open economies in the world.

Search Americas has custom search tools to find information across US regions (multiple state economic development websites) or within states (multiple city and county economic development websites)

USA Search tool - search state economic development websites selectively

Global directories of economic development agencies and professional service providers at

Ask us for assistance with market research and professional referrals. This is an independent "concierge service" to facilitate the planning of capital investment projects.

This directory helps executives and their advisors to research local business climate research worldwide.

Contact us to . Background and costs.

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We provide independent referrals for capital investment project planning.

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US Export Assistance Centers - and Foreign Commercial Service offices at US embassies and consulates (US Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration)

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