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This selective directory lists research sources for maps, aerial or satellite imagery, and geographic information systems, such as for data visualization. Refer also to our directory of demographic and economic information sources.
We offer independent professional referrals and research support as executives plan capital investment projects in new business locations. This includes the global business location strategy and site selection process for new facilities such as offices, industrial buildings, distribution centers, etc. for assistance.

Mapping and Aerial or Satellite Imagery, GIS applications

GIS imagery and data sources, services
ESRI - developer of GIS mapping software tools and data for both US and international markets
ESRI Geography Network
Google Maps - also offers satellite imagery in 2005 beta release, and some developers are starting to integrate such imagery with databases for GIS applications
The National Map - US Geological Survey (USGS) geospatial data and topographic maps from federal, state and local information sources
DataMaps - US demographic mapping
MarketMaps - US GIS mapping, including retail-oriented market analysis maps
Keyhole Corp - Earthviewer - satellite imagery software, linkages to data; has been acquired by Google, apparently to integrate local search data with imagery, but plans are not yet clear - Google Maps

see Google Maps and Google Earth

Satellite Imaging Corporation - satellite imaging and production of high resolution satellite images and digital aerial photographs.
Space Imaging - satellite photos, aerial photography
Scorecard - environmental defense information website
Tetrad Computer Applications Inc - demographic and mapping tools such as for area profiles using Statistics Canada census data
UNOSAT - primarily for UN and related agencies for development program purposes, but includes free images to download which may sometimes be of interest portal, - site data with GlobeXplorer imagery
GIS application consulting services includes website development with GIS tools
ESRI Business Information Solutions
GIS Planning - GIS mapping applications for economic development purposes using ESRI tools
Applied Geographics Inc.
Software Publishers - mapping
Microsoft MapPoint - retail mapping product for the North American market, with a version also available for 11 European countries, plus MapPoint .NET web service

MapInfo - software for location-based information operating in many countries; acquired Thompson Associates in 2003, provider of retail, hospitality, and other real estate location analysis services such as for retail CRM analysis applications

Associations and Standards Development
Open GIS Consortium, Inc. - open standards consortium for GIS specifications
National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), National Association of Counties (NACo), National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) - governmental GIS initiatives with links to the Federal Geographic Data Committee USGS Node : - US Geospatial One-Stop

GIS professional publications
Directions Magazine (webzine) and - stories about the GIS market with many press releases about product announcements and end-user applications

Aerial Photography
GlobeXplorer - access to commercial aerial photography
Pixxures, Inc - imagery and mapping products for business decision support, such as for real estate, local government, oil & gas, and telecoms in the US and Canada
Aerials Express - over 90 US cities
American Aerial Photos - has their own planes and production facility to do custom photos of properties in the US ; based in Chapel Hill NC TEL 919-932-3535
AirPhoto USA
We welcome sources or corrections

Try our Search: Americas feature - for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The state search tools make it easy to find content on over 2000 local economic development and chamber of commerce websites.

A similar Search: Europe feature covers 40 countries.

Our global commercial real estate search tool makes it easy to find local contacts, CRE market reports, and other information worldwide.

We provide independent professional referrals for capital investment project planning.

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