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This selective directory lists business and industry sector research sources for corporations such as company directories, mailing list databases, financial report information and research reports.
We offer independent professional referrals and research support as executives plan capital investment projects in new business locations. This includes the global business location strategy and site selection process for new facilities such as offices, industrial buildings, distribution centers, etc. for assistance.

Corporate Information Databases, Directories, Financial Reports

Corporate Information Databases / Directories
Dun & Bradstreet - various database and directory products
Hoover's OnLine - information mainly on publicly traded companies in the USA
CorpTech (OneSource) - directory of US technology companies - public, private, and foreign-owned subsidiaries, may also be adding more data for Canada; lists many SME's
Corporate Yellow Book (Leadership Directories) - various books and CD-ROM databases, with a selective focus on large organizations, including the financial services industry
Harris InfoSource - state and regional directories of manufacturers
MacRAE's Blue Book (Harris) - US industrial directory, partners with Yellow Pages
Canadian Trade Index (Harris) - Canadian manufacturers and products, industrial purchasing
Thomson Dialog "Bluesheets" - directory of databases on Dialog
Thomson Gale Group - many directory and research publications
Uniworld Business Publications, Inc. - Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries (since 1955, lists 3000 companies with 36,000 foreign operations), and the Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States (since 1969, lists 3250 foreign firms with 8350 US operations) - in print or CD - a spinoff of Simon & Schuster

Directory of American Firms in Foreign Countries

Directory of Foreign Firms in the United States

Euro Pages - European business directory
Mailing lists for B2B direct marketing

Acxiom - mailing lists and mailing services

Acxiom Data Network - online list availability

AllMedia - US, Canada, and international mailing list brokers
Dun & Bradstreet Sales and Marketing Solutions - data from multiple sources, available by CD-ROM or online selection process, for B2B sales and marketing

DM2 (Decision Maker 2 - formerly Cahners Business Lists) - mailing list broker and B2B direct response list services, particularly for Reed publications

Data Cards - available lists

InfoUSA - wide variety of available company databases for mailing lists
Manufacturers' News - state directories of manufacturing companies, mailing lists
BroadLook - harvests data from websites for CRM software, prospecting
Corporate Financial Reports, Disclosure
EDGAR - company reports online, such as 10-K annual SEC filings and 10-Q quarterly reports, as well as various special reports
EDGAR Online, Inc. - commercial site for paid access to report listings
Other online business research sources - business oriented online directory / topic search tool with paid listings
Kellysearch - business oriented online directory / topic search tool with paid listings
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Try our Search: Americas feature - for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The state search tools make it easy to find content on over 2000 local economic development and chamber of commerce websites.

A similar Search: Europe feature covers 40 countries.

Our global commercial real estate search tool makes it easy to find local contacts, CRE market reports, and other information worldwide.

We provide independent professional referrals for capital investment project planning.

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