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This page selectively highlights PR, news, and professional insights from the US North Central region (IA, KS, MO, ND, NE, SD) economic development agencies and professional service providers which support business location decisions for capital investment project plans as companies grow or relocate operations.

Site selection research involves many more topics than simply finding available offices, sites, or industrial buildings in attractive places. This service therefore covers a broad range of issues of potential interest.

See below: explanation of this feature and other resources.

Content may be contributed or identified through our research work. We welcome suggestions from potential contributors of content.

Send suggested news to TEL 847-304-4655 Chicago. The focus is on content which is expected to be of lasting interest to corporate executives facing business location decisions.

Iowa Kansas Missouri North Dakota Nebraska South Dakota
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News for the topic of this page is summarized in this column with links to relevant websites and contacts for the original news or press release, or to useful articles related to this topic as suggested by contributors.

Thumbnail images in this column will link to ads or special reports

Directories of economic development organizations at

Iowa Kansas Missouri North Dakota Nebraska South Dakota

News pages of state economic development websites

Iowa Kansas Missouri North Dakota Nebraska South Dakota

US Governors directory - political party, next election, websites

Point of View article - Why a business should invest in

Iowa Kansas Missouri North Dakota Nebraska South Dakota

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The content of the linked PR for specific regions may also highlight regional professional services, events, and media related to this niche.

This may include significant developments on topics such as urban planning, political leadership or policy changes, social infrastructure improvements, education, costs, labor market analysis, and other changes to the business environment for capital investment plans.

The focus is to highlight content of wider and longer-term business interest to top executives than routine local news items of the day.

Other resources

The Directories on link to thousands of economic development organizations, professional service providers, and information resources worldwide for corporate investment projects.

Try the search tool above on any page, or the USA Search or Area Search tools featured at , or the unique Search: Americas tool or PR: Americas content on this website.

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