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fDi magazine (Foreign Direct Investment) is published by the Financial Times group and is global in scope. It focuses on global business location strategy and investment project planning issues facing C-level executives (CEO, CFO, and VPs of corporate development and strategic planning), mostly (85%) at firms with over 500 employees. fDi is not an advertorial magazine or one which simply reproduces and distributes whatever the advertisers want to say about their business locations or services. There are some opportunities to contribute useful articles as an alternative to pages of advertising, but within basic constraints to protect the integrity of the Financial Times brand.
In this context, it can be relatively ineffective to routinely broadcast minor press releases at the fDi research staff or Editor. Given the pressures of producing FT-quality research work every month about locations all over the world (including the USA as a major source and destination of investment projects), press releases which do not seem to be very relevant to fDi's editorial coverage are likely to be ignored. One such option is to do a 2 to 4 page "Spotlight" presentation, typically as a combination of an ad and related content such as an executive summary about a business location or service followed by a well-written article which elaborates on this summary. In effect, the ad helps to attract attention, the summary arouses interest, and the article elaborates on the interesting story for that topic in more detail.
A better approach is to think carefully about why fDi readers should be very interested in your story, and then send a succinct e-mail to the Editor which, in effect, sells the relevance of your story to fDi readers and outlines key points such as actionable market insights which should interest them for their own growth plans. If this arouses interest, the editor can readily follow-up or task a writer to the story. A simple link to any related press release or background is helpful. The "Spotlight" presentations can also be produced as "online-only" services at a much lower cost than placement in the magazine.

These show up through the fDi website the same way, and can be linked or downloaded in a .pdf format like an article in the magazine, but don't involve the higher print production and distribution costs.

Unlike some magazines in this niche market, most of the content in fDi magazine is developed through independent research work of the high quality which readers expect of any Financial Times publication. The content is not simply a compilation of recent press releases or stories contributed by advertisers. This is professional journalism to interest C-level readers, rather than a direct mail advertising product. Another option is to do an "fDi Atlas" presentation about a business location. These are structured in a consistent way worldwide, and can be easily prepared and updated directly on the fDi website through a password-protected account to set up and edit these pages at any time as an annual online service product. The fDi Atlas is advertised very prominently as a business location research tool for executives.

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