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For more information about fDi Spotlights, contact Bruce Donnelly at 847-304-4655 (Chicago) or email

2007-2008 information and budgets for planning advertising campaigns and special reports in fDi magazine , including fDi Atlas

Circulation statistics - top level decision-makers and global readership

The fDi website attracts roughly 500,000 visitors per year. We also promote fDi content to our own reach of 600,000+.

fDi Spotlights feature contributed articles, executive summary presentations, or sponsored research in print and/or online.

fDi is promoted to nearly 500,000 Financial Times readers on a regular basis in an ad campaign estimated at $4 million in value.

fDi Spotlight presentations are special reports on business locations and professional services for corporate expansion plans. These can be contributed articles or sponsored fDi research.

Tell your story to the CEO's, CFO's and other top executives at growing companies in the USA and worldwide.

bullet Brand campaigns and launches
bullet Pre-event and trade show articles
bullet Easy for search engines to find
bullet Highly targeted C-level audience

Example: Spotlight presentation about Arizona on fDi's website and on our website

Download a .pdf copy (large file) of the Arizona Global Network presentation as published in fDi magazine.

Refer to advertising campaign budget examples for Spotlight pricing information

bullet Executive Summary of key facts
bullet 1-3 page contributed article
bullet Industry cluster research reports
bullet Innovation - tech-led development
bullet CEO roundtable interviews
bullet Professional "thought leadership" articles - issues, lessons learned
bullet Project Spotlight - success stories
bullet Professional service capabilities

2 pages - Executive Summary opposite full page ad

2 pages - Spotlight article, roughly 1000 words

"Spotlight" presentations can be 1, 2, or 4 pages as shown, with a mix of images, tables, contact details, and content to feature a business location, project, or the capabilities of professional service providers.

Ask us about sponsored research reports, such as roundtable interviews among top executives in a targeted industry cluster, or professional "thought leadership" articles and interviews.

View 2007 fDi brochure

2007 fDi media kit (.pdf)

fDi Editor's introduction and circulation statistics

fDi Atlas - maintain your own presentation to attract fDi and Financial Times readers online.

Presentation layouts - contact us to discuss your needs
bullet 1 page - Executive Summary by fDi or contributed article
bullet 2 pages - 1 page as above, with a full page ad opposite as a spread
bullet 3 pages - 1 page ad plus a 2 page contributed article or fDi research
bullet 4 pages - Executive Summary, ad and article
bullet Special supplements polybagged with fDi magazine
The North American Cities of the Future 2007 / 2008 award winners were featured in the April/May issue of fDi.

The next competition will open for nominations in fall 2008 for 2009 / 2010.

fDi Atlas

fDi Atlas background info

fDi North American Cities of the Future - list of award winners - April 2007

fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - is published by FT Business of the Financial Times group

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