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2007-2008 information for planning advertising campaigns and special reports in fDi magazine , including fDi Atlas and fDi Spotlights.

Circulation statistics - top level decision-makers and global readership

See global readership statistics and top level decision makers below.

Examples: Who reads fDi magazine?

Roughly 95% of fDi readers are "C-level" - CEO, CFO, or VPs of strategic planning or corporate development, and 85% of fDi readers are at large companies (>500 employees) with the resources to develop major capital investment projects in new business locations.

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2007 fDi media kit (.pdf)

fDi Atlas - maintain your own presentation to attract fDi and Financial Times readers online. Explanation of fDi Atlas

fDi Spotlights - special reports on business locations and professional services for corporate expansion plans

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Message from the Editor - Courtney Fingar, fDi magazine

In just five short years, fDi has established itself as the single most trusted source of information on foreign direct investment. In 2007/2008 we intend to carry on doing more of the same: investigating issues that concern foreign investors, talking to leading corporate executives and government leaders, and highlighting the many opportunities and risks that await investors around the world.

We have tracked legal disputes between foreign investors and host governments, as well as the challenge to state incentives in the US, providing careful and cogent analysis of the ramifications of these cases. We have interviewed and profiled top executives at such well-known companies as Ford, Dyson,Wal-Mart and Boeing. We have also heard about the investment promotion plans of the mayors of such cities as London, Athens and Seoul; the governors of US states, Canadian provinces, and Chinese and Russian regions; cabinet-rank officials in Indonesia, Nigeria and Hungary, among others; and the prime ministers of the up-and-coming markets of Estonia, Lithuania and Malta. Our access to business and political leaders is exceptional.

Throughout this year we will be adding to this top-notch editorial content an exhaustive but user-friendly web offering that will complement the print edition with hard data, sector and location rankings, and practical tools for both corporates and IPAs.

Produced by the renowned Financial Times (FT) group, fDi is the premier publication for the business of globalisation, and is published on a bi-monthly basis with an ABC-certified circulation of over 15,500. Our experienced journalists and foreign correspondents provide on-the-ground reporting of the issues and developments that corporate executives must consider when making investment decisions.

95% of fDi's controlled circulation is to top level decision makers - a more targeted reach than prominent business magazines.

Geographical breakdown of 2007 fDi magazine circulation - 39% North America, 35% Europe including UK, 26% Asia and other global regions. This reflects market research about which industries and specific companies are growing, and where they are investing.

Readership: 46% CEO, 34% CFO, 15% VPs of corporate strategy or corporate development, 5% others = 95% C-level

fDi Atlas

fDi Atlas background info

fDi North American Cities of the Future - list of award winners - April 2007

fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - is published by FT Business of the Financial Times group

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